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Our team is passionate about creating better learning outcomes and strengthening school communities through our commitment to improving learning and teaching experiences. We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone, regardless of their technological capabilities or confidence, to embrace the potential of e-learning and be part of the exciting education revolution that’s currently taking place.




GCT Education, a division of Glenn Cook Technologies (GCT), has been the channel partner for Schoology in Australia and New Zealand since 2014. 

Our bottom line is empowering teachers, improving student outcomes and creating more connected learning communities. We’ve seen how Schoology can drive personalised learning and support the intrinsic motivation of students. We are truly committed to supporting our client schools and helping their staff, students and community embrace the dynamic, interactive and network-based learning environment Schoology provides.

We will work with you and your staff, at your own pace, to help your school reach its full potential in the digital learning space.


Brad’s personal mission is to redefine and enliven the possibilities of education for teachers, students, schools and their wider communities. He is dedicated to saving teachers time, reducing tech-stress, and pushing imagined boundaries. Since 2015 Brad has been gently guiding schools to recognise and implement the benefits of Schoology, to see Schoology as a way to transform a school into a thriving digital education community.

“My team and I are driven and energised by a vision of schools where students are guided on how choose their own learning adventures and are motivated to continue learning long after the school bell rings. It’s time to make some changes and we (GCT Education) are here with a shoulder to the wheel in support of the current transition from teacher-led classrooms to student-lead collaborative education spaces. By teaching students how to learn we create lifelong learners”.

“Brad and the team have been fantastically supportive – always ready to help and to go away and dig into problems to find a solution. I have found this with us, and I have seen other educators from New Zealand receive the same in the NZ Educators group.”

Mel Moore, Assistant Principal, Rototuna Junior High School

"The team at GCT Education are at the other end of the phone whenever I have needed them and quick to support my needs. They are very approachable and genuinely willing to assist."

Jay Jones, Director of Systems and Qualifications, Iona College

“After the initial training from the GCT Education team our capacity developed quickly with easy to use guides and video clips available online. Staff took little time to train students and it wasn’t long before students were showing their teachers cool features that they had discovered on their own. Regardless of ability, students picked up Schoology with ease given their familiarity with social media platforms.”

Barry Skinner, Assistant Principal, St Mary's Diocesan School


Schoology was founded in 2009 by four undergraduate students at Washington University with a shared vision: to improve student learning outcomes and reinvent the way technology is used in the classroom. They saw firsthand how education technology fell short of its promise to improve the learning experience for students and instructors and decided to change that by building an LMS aligned with the needs and learning style of education in the real world.

Fast forward to today. Schoology is now in every corner of the world. It has grown and so has the community that powers it, but the mission is  the same: continuing to advance what’s possible in education.


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