Training and support

We engage learners in a comprehensive, tailored training program, and will be alongside you every step of the onboarding process and into the future. As Schoology develops we feed platform changes and updates through to you, supported by instruction on how to best take advantage of new features and opportunities for growth.


We walk alongside you, guiding you through planning, implementation, adoption and ongoing use. We train and develop ‘activators’ in the school with a program that ensures quick uptake and adoption: super-users who drive enthusiasm for Schoology. Your activators are then armed with a range of training materials to support your wider teams and their various skill levels. Our approach is to ensure everyone is catered for and everyone is respected — no matter what they do or don’t yet know. 

Simply put, we’ll do everything we can to ensure an incredible Schoology experience.



We work with management to develop a training strategy that’s right for your school. We can work with maverick early adopters right through to those who struggle with ed-tech. We are deeply invested in taking everyone along for the transformational ride that is Schoology.


We keep in touch with our partner schools, regularly sending the latest Schoology feature updates, tools, tips, tricks and micro-lessons that immediately add value. The experience of our partner schools is of the utmost importance to us and we’ll go the extra mile every time. Success is a collaborative ongoing venture and we’re in it for the long game.


Being both digital and solution focused, a two-hour self-paced course within Schoology is all the investment required for teachers to gain confidence and a solid foundation on what Schoology is, its key features and how to get started. We then provide customised training materials and ongoing webinars to support your teaching teams.


A support group tailored to New Zealand and Australian users, Schoology Educators Down Under, provides a place to share tips, tricks and ideas; and ask questions of Schoology’s support team and other teachers. It helps build a culture of collaboration and support amongst staff, which organically drives adoption of the platform.


Our training approach of creating advocates and our specialist support systems are practiced and proven methods that help your whole community learn to use Schoology. Join online learning networks such as Blended Learning, Flipped Learning, STEM and our own Schoology Educators Down Under Group where it’s easy to access New Zealand and Australian-centric teaching tools. While our training is fun and interactive, we want to encourage a community of collaborative educators that goes beyond the gates of individual schools.


With our specialist support and training, realisation of Schoology’s power and simplicity spreads like wildfire throughout users, igniting excitement and a new zest for teaching and learning. When you need to call us for more professional development, you choose the topic and we’ll deliver it. If we don’t have the material you’re looking for we’ll put it together for you. Our goal is to empower each and every school we work with, in a way that works for their teaching teams.


St Mary’s Diocesan School

St Mary's Diocesan School,

Barry Skinner, Assistant Principal

St Mary's is a private New Zealand girls’ boarding and day school that was seeking a system to enable students to access learning and teacher support from anywhere, anytime. Schoology fit the bill.

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Rototuna High Schools

Rototuna Junior High School,

Melissa Moore, Assistant Principal

Rototuna Junior High School (year 7–10) and Rototuna Senior High School opened in 2016 and 2017 respectively on a shared site in Hamilton, New Zealand. Both are innovative learning environment schools: purpose-built to encourage collaborative and creative, cross-curricular learning.

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Australian Christian College

Australian Christian College,

Rachel Law, Teacher

Australian Christian College (ACC) is the largest provider of private distance education in Australia – with more than 4000 students on 6 campuses across 4 states. They were seeking a cloud-based learning platform that was customisable and easy to work with. They found Schoology.

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Iona College for Girls

Iona College,

Jay Jones, Director of Systems and Qualifications

Iona College is a boarding and day school for girls from years 7-13 with a vision for education that builds on tradition to equip students with the confidence and skills needed for a challenging future; and a purpose to encourage students to embrace their education wholeheartedly.

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"The team at GCT Education are at the other end of the phone whenever I have needed them and quick to support my needs. They are very approachable and genuinely willing to assist."

Jay Jones, Director of Systems and Qualifications, Iona College

“After the initial training from the GCT Education team our capacity developed quickly with easy to use guides and video clips available online. Staff took little time to train students and it wasn’t long before students were showing their teachers cool features that they had discovered on their own. Regardless of ability, students picked up Schoology with ease given their familiarity with social media platforms.”

Barry Skinner, Assistant Principal, St Mary's Diocesan School

“Brad and the team have been fantastically supportive – always ready to help and to go away and dig into problems to find a solution. I have found this with us, and I have seen other educators from New Zealand receive the same in the NZ Educators group.”

Mel Moore, Assistant Principal, Rototuna Junior High School

“The initial training was very good for sparking teacher interest and demonstrating how Schoology could work for them.”

Mel Moore, Assistant Principal, Rototuna Junior High School

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