These are just some of the features that have been packed into Schoology to aid teachers, engage students, support school staff and involve parents for a more collaborative, modern learning experience. 

One platform

A complete digital education toolbox, with all your collaboration, communication and learning needs in one place.

Ease of use

Schoology incorporates the best of widely-used software interfaces and learning management systems, it’s a cinch to use.

Mobile App

Use Schoology anywhere, anytime to deliver asynchronous learning from any mobile device with our time-saving app.

Integration Ready

When all your ed-tech tools are woven into one platform with Schoology at the centre, everything runs effortlessly. 


Schoology has easy-to- use features that encourage exchanging and sharing limitless resources and content. Creating a culture of collaboration has never been easier.


Actionable Data

Data and analytics are a critical part of a successful school. Schoology provides real-time usable data, and helps you make decisions and turn that data into tangible instant results.


Schoology connects everyone on the same platform to boost communication and sharing in the classroom, across the school, around the country even and around the world.

Training and Support

We engage all learners in a comprehensive, tailored training program that addresses all levels of ability. We will be alongside you every step of the way during the onboarding process.

“You can easily use Schoology as a one-stop shop which means significant time savings for our teachers.”

Matthew Wood, Director of eLearning, Camberwell Grammar

“All I can say is Schoology has truly transformed the way teaching and learning occurs at Woodford House.”

Toni Dunstan, Director of Innovation, Woodford House

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