Integration Ready

Whatever learning apps you might be using in your schools, no matter whether you are a primary, intermediate, secondary or tertiary organisation, Schoology will become the glue that binds them all into one cohesive solution. When all your ed-tech tools are woven into one platform with Schoology at the centre, everything runs effortlessly. 


Schoology allows you to connect all your existing apps, content, and systems easily, whether you’re using Microsoft Office 365, One Note and One Drive, Turnitin, Google Apps for Education , video conferencing tools. KAMAR or a host of other learning tools and apps.



In the classroom or on the go, you can access all your apps and systems via one login with Schoology.


Your school utilises a variety of apps, content, and systems, and Schoology will help you use them better.


When you choose Schoology, you don’t lose any of your current resources, apps, tools or systems, saving you time and hassle.


Schoology’s scalability gives you free range to tailor the platform to your school’s approach to teaching and learning. No matter what tools you are using today or in the future, you can be sure Schoology’s open platform will work with them.


Schoology’s app centre makes it easy to find and use your favourite third party applications without leaving the platform, including OneNote, One Drive, Google Apps, Google Drive, Turnitin and more.


Schoology is a learning management system (LMS) that enables you to tailor the learning experience via integrated apps at a class-or school-wide level with the click of a button.

Australian Christian College

Australian Christian College,

Rachel Law, Teacher

Australian Christian College (ACC) is the largest provider of private distance education in Australia – with more than 4000 students on 6 campuses across 4 states. They were seeking a cloud-based learning platform that was customisable and easy to work with. They found Schoology.

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Iona College for Girls

Iona College,

Jay Jones, Director of Systems and Qualifications

Iona College is a boarding and day school for girls from years 7-13 with a vision for education that builds on tradition to equip students with the confidence and skills needed for a challenging future; and a purpose to encourage students to embrace their education wholeheartedly.

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Rototuna High Schools

Rototuna Junior High School,

Melissa Moore, Assistant Principal

Rototuna Junior High School (year 7–10) and Rototuna Senior High School opened in 2016 and 2017 respectively on a shared site in Hamilton, New Zealand. Both are innovative learning environment schools: purpose-built to encourage collaborative and creative, cross-curricular learning.

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St Mary’s Diocesan School

St Mary's Diocesan School,

Barry Skinner, Assistant Principal

St Mary's is a private New Zealand girls’ boarding and day school that was seeking a system to enable students to access learning and teacher support from anywhere, anytime. Schoology fit the bill.

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“We have many students using OneNote to keep track of their learning; and Outlook is used alongside Schoology especially for communicating with outside individuals and organisations. Schoology integrates seamlessly with other apps, creating an entire class notebook with the push of a button, giving teachers access to individual student work for immediate feedback and feedforward.”

Barry Skinner, Assistant Principal, St Mary’s Diocesan School

“You can connect to Google Docs, Google Drive – that becomes a really crucial element. As a platform, Schoology can’t do everything. It’s made a very conscious decision to be a learning management system, and it then complements its own ability with various plug-ins already used by teachers. You can willingly use Schoology as a one-stop shop. I think that’s really helpful, because the fewer external sites, the easier things are.”

Matthew Wood, Head of E-Learning, Camberwell Grammar School

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