Schoology provides tools and features designed to support all parts of the school community, from administration, directors and principals to teachers, students, and parents. 

School Leaders

We believe in empowering the people that support teaching and learning: the principals and deputy principals, senior leadership teams, school boards, e-learning, IT and network managers, administration and support staff, with a benefit-packed virtual learning environment (VLE).


We’re passionate about saving teachers time and reducing ‘tech-stress’ with an easy-to- use learning management system that brings all their resources into one place and allows them to focus on what’s really important: providing their students with quality learning opportunities.


We believe in engaged students who are truly empowered lifelong learners. Schoology provides all students with a modern, familiar platform that makes learning fun and inspiring, and places the support and resources they need to succeed at their fingertips.


Schoology supports busy parents with the visibility to stay connected, informed and involved with their child’s individual learning experience, and engaged with the entire school community. Never before have parents been able to support their children’s learning so effectively and so easily.

“Schoology helps us to extend learning through class discussions and online courses, provide timely feedback through the assessment engine and communicate as a school community.”

Jeremy Kwok, Director of Technology, Australian Christian College

“We have seen an increase in discussions between students about their learning as Schoology encourages collaboration and sharing of ideas through functions such as personal blogs.”

Barry Skinner, Assistant Principal, St Mary’s Diocesan School

"We are constantly finding new ways to utilise Schoology to the benefit of the school and frequently wonder how we ever did without it!"

Robert Douglas, Director of ICT, Howick College

"Schoology is an innovative, easy to use and engaging LMS that makes communication and learning a breeze. Our students and staff love it!"

Bronwen Wilson, Director of eLearning, Lynfield College

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