Ease of Use

Schoology incorporates the best of widely-used software interfaces and learning management systems, so it’s a cinch to use. Check it out for yourself.


Millions of students, teachers, parents and staff have fallen in love with Schoology with little or no training. They embrace Schoology because it’s intuitive and familiar. A beautifully designed platform built with users in mind.



Easily access Schoology on any device with our award-winning mobile app that’s free and a breeze to use.


Onboarding is aided by Schoology’s tailored training, dedicated support, and access to an online collaborative support group tailored to New Zealand and Australian users. 


Access all your existing e-learning apps – you won’t lose anything you’ve already got stored or installed!


Schoology makes it easy to mark work, manage revisions, swipe between submissions, filter them by what’s late and what’s on time, provide feed-forward and feedback, build courses, reuse past courses and create vibrant inquiry based lesson plans.


Connecting, communicating and sharing resources amongst students, teachers, parents and staff – across the class, school, region, country or globe – is child’s play with Schoology. Building a personal learning network has never been so easy.



Schoology efficiently tracks student progress against project-aligned curriculum learning objectives to identify gaps in knowledge. Armed with this insight and our flexible teaching tools, teachers can tailor learning accordingly, to improve student outcomes.


Iona College for Girls

Iona College,

Jay Jones, Director of Systems and Qualifications

Iona College is a boarding and day school for girls from years 7-13 with a vision for education that builds on tradition to equip students with the confidence and skills needed for a challenging future; and a purpose to encourage students to embrace their education wholeheartedly.

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Rototuna High Schools

Rototuna Junior High School,

Melissa Moore, Assistant Principal

Rototuna Junior High School (year 7–10) and Rototuna Senior High School opened in 2016 and 2017 respectively on a shared site in Hamilton, New Zealand. Both are innovative learning environment schools: purpose-built to encourage collaborative and creative, cross-curricular learning.

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Australian Christian College

Australian Christian College,

Rachel Law, Teacher

Australian Christian College (ACC) is the largest provider of private distance education in Australia – with more than 4000 students on 6 campuses across 4 states. They were seeking a cloud-based learning platform that was customisable and easy to work with. They found Schoology.

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St Mary’s Diocesan School

St Mary's Diocesan School,

Barry Skinner, Assistant Principal

St Mary's is a private New Zealand girls’ boarding and day school that was seeking a system to enable students to access learning and teacher support from anywhere, anytime. Schoology fit the bill.

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“The layout and operating systems made it very easy to pick up given they followed existing social media platforms. Functionality was a huge selling point for us.”

Barry Skinner, Assistant Principal, St Mary’s Diocesan School

“The move from Moodle to Schoology has been both brilliant and a cinch. Schoology is an innovative, easy to use and engaging LMS that makes communication and learning a breeze. Our students and staff love it!”

Bronwen Wilson, Director of eLearning, Lynfield College

“We are constantly finding new ways to utilise Schoology to the benefit of the school and frequently wonder how we ever did without it!”

Robert Douglas, Director of ICT, Howick College

“Schoology has revolutionised learning at Sancta Maria College and has done so quickly and seamlessly.”

Mark Glasse, Head of Digital Learning, Sancta Maria College

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